October 24-25


51 Dockside Dr, Toronto, ON M5A 0B6

Environmental Stewardship and Indigenous Reconciliation: A Regenerative Approach to Campus Planning

Friday, October 25
The Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan has a foundation of deep engagement with First Nations, Indigenous communities, and campus and local communities. Together, they created a campus plan that embraces regenerative and nature-inclusive practices, mirroring Trent University’s teachings – as a leader in environmental and Indigenous studies – in their space. In this session, panelists look at how they worked to build trust, promote enduring relationships, and integrate traditional Indigenous wisdom, knowledge, and values into a new campus plan for the University in Peterborough, Ontario. The creation of the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan was a significant opportunity for the University to learn how to engage respectfully and collaboratively with First Nations, specifically to increase cultural capacity when engaging with First Nations; develop best practices and a protocol guide for future projects; to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing in a meaningful way; and approach this as a demonstration project for advancing broader goals of Reconciliation.