October 24-25


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Alfred Waugh

Alfred Waugh

Leader, Formline Architecture + Urbanism

As leader of Formline Architecture + Urbanism, Alfred Waugh is dedicated to developing solutions that reflect the culture, community and geographic regions specific to each project. His designs are a direct response to site context, topography, climate, and regional materials. As part of a sustainable design philosophy, Waugh aims to maximize comfort, longevity, functionality and energy efficiency. Waugh is Status Indian and part of Treaty 8. He was born and raised in Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada, and was the first Aboriginal person to graduate with honours from UBC School of Architecture (in 1993), to become a registered architect and to be LEED certified. He is influenced by Indigenous culture, the northern climate and frontier architecture. His connection to, and respect for, nature is inherent to his work.