October 24-25


51 Dockside Dr, Toronto, ON M5A 0B6

Reactivation (People), Biodiversification (Life), and Restoration (Earth)

Friday, October 25
Record heat waves and levels of rain, ice, snow and drought all in a given year: As a city experiencing high fluctuations of temperature, seasonal extremes and disasters exacerbated by climate change, Montreal is the focus of this session into how to approach the changing four-season context. Created space must be reframed as ongoing ecosystems of living materials and active laboratories instead of finite creations, where in-depth studies, intensive research, debate, and the cross-pollination of scientific approaches become designers’ tools. Only then can practices push the limits of city-building, making them places of innovation and climate resiliency as much as they are ones of livability, comfort, and richly social experiences. This presentation discusses the constraints and challenges our present and future realities pose, and the adaptive and data-driven design strategies that Lemay has undertaken in Montreal that are changing the way the city is approaching new built forms and landscapes — and what other cities’ urban designers and landscape architects can learn from them.